Monday, November 17, 2008

lunchtime:November 17th, 2008

I pack my lunch everyday in my super cute handy dandy lunch bag from my absolute favorite store: Target! (of course, I'm a self proclaimed "Target mom")

For lunch I packed myself 1 golden delicious apple, 2 tangerines, 1 piece of low-fat string cheese, Activia non-fat Vanilla flavored yogurt (I haven't caught on to the Greek yogurt craze yet, It seems just too expensive to me), baby carrots, Tribe hummus and for my main lunch item: THE BEST EVER brown rice, baked chicken and veggie combo with just a little bit of teriyaki sauce for extra flavor. I was worried about the brown rice because when I made it the other day in the crockpot I think I added just a wee bit too much liquid.... it turned to mush almost looking like oatmeal. I went ahead and saved it because the previous 2 times of making brown rice had both flopped on me. The 1st time I had some wild rice added, it didn't end up cooking long enough and turned out crunchy... it was not very good. With the second attempt I ended up burning it, I totally got distracted (probabbly way to absorbed in reading the blogs) and it compleatly burned on the bottom. Both of these times I had used the stovetop siO I figured 3rd time around would work better in the crockpot. I am sooo glad that I saved it and didn't toss it. I think I am going to freeze some of it and use it in other recipies like homemade veggie burger or turkey loaf.

This is how it all fit's nice and compactly:

I make this typical lunch last me from morning snack to afternoon snack. I save the carrots and apple for my commute home.


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