Monday, November 17, 2008

Dinner:November 17th, 2008

I had my apple and carrots on my way home, so I wasn't hungry for dinner.... but I was hungry for the gym :)
I made my family some grub and then headed off to the gym for an awesome cardio workout on the elliptical (30min) and stationary bike (30min). I haven't really incorporated resistance/strength training into my workout because I always seem crunched for time. So I figure whatever activity I can fit into my busy schedule is better for me than no activity, plus it feels great to sweat!
By the time I was done my tummy was ready for food!
I chose to make a huge salad because I had had the heavier lunch today.

I made it with:
pom seeds
Trader Joe's crumbled fat free feta cheese
chicken breast (I had already had it for lunch, but it sounded so good again!)
1/2 avacado
balsamic vinegar and a dash of EVOO.

It was healthy and it tasted fantastic!


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