Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pumpkin Oats.....

I am so making this for the morning!
I found it on Bec's blog: Live, Love and Peanut Butter:

"Step one: pack your fixings

Peanut butter, walnuts and dark chocolate all go into my backpack the night before. If you don't have to go nut butters on hand I just throw a spoonful into a plastic bag or put it on top of my right before I leave. I also like to have a small granola bar in my backpack for emergency snacking purposes.

Step 2: get your oats ready overnight style in a microwavable container with a lid and put them in the fridge

For this particular to go oats I made pumpkin oats with the usual 1/3 oats, 1/3 milk, 1/3 water, 1/3 pumpkin and a dash of cinnamon

Step 3: In the morning take the lid off your oats and simply throw them into the microwave to heat up like you normally would

Step 4: Throw the lid back on, put in your backpack and boot it to class, work, whatever

Step 5: Once you are at your eating destination class discreetly add your toppings and enjoy"

I have some peanut butter chips that I think I will throw on top, just need to find the WW point value because I got them in bulk and don't have the NI, but I know they are Reeses' So I should be able to find something about em.

I have been pretty absent from the blog world as of late...... but just about every blog that I have visited today has been talking about pumpkin oats! It sounds sooooo delish, so I am just about to go put my own "oats to go" together for tomorrow :) *so excited*

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