Thursday, October 1, 2009

day 3 of new challenge

Food for the day:
B-fast sandwich 5
Rockstar coffee drink 2
instant oats 3
Balance kids snack bar 3
(OUCH!!!! shoulda figured the points before I gobbled that little 1.23oz bar! Actually I shoulda planned better and had a better snack choice!)
b carrots 0
apple 2
coffee with cream 2
baby greens with: 3
b carrots, olives, cukes, tomato, rice vinegar, cottage cheese
red beans and brown rice (organic brand from a can) 1
mushrooms and green beans 0


Activity: I went back to the gym!!!! *all smiles* It was great! I can tell I have lost a lot of muscle in my arms - they are feeling a bit weak right now :)
I only went for about 40 min b/c the weather was nice enough and I wanted to get a bike ride in before Jaime came home from school........ but when I got home and went to the garage there was a rotten flat tire staring at me! I tried to pump it up, but either I don't know how to work a tire pump or it needs a new tube ;( Bummer, I was so excited to be able to try out my new bike gloves! They are so cute (pink and gray) and so comfy.....
I will have to have Jon teach me how to fix the tire. At least it didn't go flat on me while I was miles form the house.

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