Friday, October 2, 2009

day 4 of new challenge

The Pumpkin Oats "to go" were FABULOUS!!!!

Food for today:
oats 3
pumpkin 0
fat free milk 1
topping of Reese's PB chips 2
salad (baby greens, cuke, toms, feta, b carrots, olives, rice vinegar) 3
veggie chili 2
apple 2
savory chicken & wild rice soup by Pacific Foods (entire can) 3
(I am so going to stock up on some more low point soup, salad is just too cold. I am in the mood for good warm comfort food these days.)
Oroweat sandwich thin toasted with laughing cow light cheese 2
new total: 21 (3 pts for the chips)

I may sneak to the car and grab a bag of Harry and David tortilla chips that I picked up at the beach last weekend.

UPDATE: I did go to the trunk and get the chips, they were pretty good :P

I have resisted all week so far, but have been very good with watching my points. I will for sure track em if I eat em. Not going to pull another Sunchips episode! When we were at the beach last weekend we came in late from a meeting, I wasn't particularly hungry but saw the bag of Sunchips on the counter and just dug right in and didn't stop digging in until the bag was just about gone! I ate non-stop for about 15min. Just absolutely ridiculous! I learned my new habits with WW, so why did I think it was OK??? Maybe because when I think Sunchips I also think "healthy"? Well whatever it was I won't be doing that anytime soon again! I gotta win this challenge!!!!!

Are you reading this AC????? I'm gonna win!!!!!

Activity: 0
I don't quite know what the problem with me was today but I am super sore from yesterday. I was also really tired all day today... so ready for bed! I volunteered to help out at the flu clinic for tomorrow but do plan on stopping by the gym on my way home :)

Speaking of the beach...... here is one of the many photos that I took this last weekend :)

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