Sunday, January 4, 2009

Will the snow ever stop taunting me???

No activity today :(

Plans changed due to hanging out over at Corey and Kelly's house all afternoon and early evening. I was planning on going to the grocery store and the gym after hanging out over there, but we had our little friend called snow visit again!
I had to drive home from their place in about 1-2 inches of snow with no traction devices - it was a little scary, I felt like I was gonna puke a couple of times.

Needless to say - I DON'T DRIVE IN THE SNOW!!!!

Here's my food intake:

Lunch was Wendy's baked potato w/no cheese, sour cream or butter and chilli w/no cheese. I am pretty impressed with myself for that one. Six mo ago I would have asked for extra cheese, butter and sour cream!

We had dinner at Kelly's, I indulged a bit, but not to badly :) Thank goodness for activity and extra weekly points!

Sunday, January 04, 2009
1 packet(s) Lower Sugar Oatmeal, maple & brown sugar 2
Subtotal 2
1 small serving(s) Chili 4
1 item(s) Baked Potato 5
Subtotal 9
1 serving(s) 5 meatballs 7
1 serving(s) ww roll 3
1 serving(s) sauce 2
1 piece(s) Sunkist Lemon Bar(s), Prepared 3
Subtotal 15
popcorn - Quick-added food 1
Subtotal 1
Food POINTS values total used 27
Food POINTS values remaining 0
No entries for activity. :(
Activity POINTS values earned 0


HangryPants said...

Wendy's baked potatoes are the best!

becci said...

I think they will be my new fav fast food item. Subway is good, but I can only handle so many Turkey on WW w/no cheese and extra veggies hold the mayo please :)