Saturday, December 27, 2008

It does not exist in stores

I am so bummed.... no powdered PB was to be found!
I did get another jar of Better n peanut butter. It's pretty good, but I really want to try the other stuff. I may have to just go ahead and order it on-line.
I haven't had much else to eat today because I was so busy shopping. I did bring along a bottle of water and an apple, plus there were some yummy snackins at the Whole foods. I had a chocolate marshmallow, and then I also had Jaime's (she thought it was gross, so weird) I also had a bit of some sort of orange, a small bit of crunchy cracker with some brie and another with some sort of dip. Next time I will have to take pics.
When we got home I prepared the family dinner while snacking on some green grapes (natures candy!)
I am off to the gym to do a bit of cardio, then I will make the zero point WW veggie soup for my dinner when I get back,
I'm outta here....

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