Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 7 of New Challenge

1st off, the owner of Giz did get a hold of me this morning, He had been missing for 4 mo! Holy Cow! She was all ready to come get him this evening when I was off work, but then reconsidered and decided to let us keep him! We are beyond elated and excited!

2nd off, I lost 5lbs this week!!!!! What in the world! I guess all my careful tracking really paid off. Renee did state that it will be much harder to keep this amount of weight off, so we will see for next week.

coffee w/cream 2
pumpkin "to go" oats 6
weight watcher meal 5
apple 2
diet pepsi 0
weight watcher meal (again) 6
weight watcher desert 3

not the best choices today, but it was a weird one!

Activity:( No gym.... to busy again!

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