Friday, December 26, 2008

Back on Track

OK, enough is enough!
I am done with snow!
I was finally able to make it to the gym today after a week of being stuck in the house because of the beautiful wretched snow.
I had a great workout ~ elliptical for 45 min and then the weight machines, I did arms and legs. I want to start working on my abs, but don't know how yet and need to pick a good
workout from one of my fitness mags. I am pretty happy with most of my body, but my stomach is the one area that I feel could really use some toning.

I have missed my WW meetings now for the past 2 weeks and now know how helpful and motivating they really are. I really went overboard on Christmas eve. We had Brinner, you know.... breakfast for dinner. IT WAS SOOOO GOOD! I didn't document the gluttony with my camera so I will just say that it was french toast (with texas toast bread), bacon, sausage, eggs and hash browns. Here it is in black and white....

Wednesday, December 24, 2008
10 oz fat-free skim milk 2
1 serving(s) eggo nutri grain whole wheat waffles 3
1 item(s) egg 2
1 slice(s) Singles 1
2 oz banana(s) 1
Subtotal 9
1 cup(s) mushroom(s) 0
2 serving(s) choice ramen 5
1 tbsp teriyaki sauce 0.5
Subtotal 5.5
4 slice(s) cooked bacon 5.5
2 slice(s) french toast 7
1 link(s) cooked beef or pork sausage 3
1/3 cup(s) scrambled eggs 3.5
1 package(s) frozen hash brown potatoes, with butter sauce 5
10 oz fat-free skim milk 2
Subtotal 26
1 small orange(s) 0.5
1 cup(s) Puffed Cereal 1
2 tbsp peanut butter 4.5
1 tbsp Chocolate Syrup 1
1 serving(s) mint cookies 5
Subtotal 12
Food POINTS values total used 52.5

I knew that it was gonna be like this, and it was really good and soooooo worth it. I NEVER eat like this (anymore at least, before 7/30/08).

I didn't even track Christmas day......

SO, I am going to get myself back on track!

I don't have a working scale at home and haven't made it to work in over a week so I have no idea where I am with "the number" . I received a gift card to Best Buy for Christmas yesterday and am seriously contemplating getting a WW scale, it's on sale. I really don't want to get obsessed with the numbers, but I do like knowing exactly what I weigh. I am a little afraid that I will be on the scale every time I go into the bathroom.

Well enough for now.

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