Friday, January 8, 2010

the breakdown 1/4/10-1/8/10

Here is the breakdown for this week:
I use to track my food and activity. It is very user friendly and free!

1/4/10-1/8/10 Calories Fat Carbs Protein
Monday 1313 34 162 104
Tuesday 1268 29 161 97
Wednesday 1186 37 144 82
Thursday 1371 43 118 132
Friday 1689 57 176 122

Monday 22.40% 47.30% 30.30%
Tuesday 20.20% 49.80% 30.00%
Wednesday 26.80% 46.70% 26.50%
Thursday 28.20% 33.90% 37.90%
Friday 30.10% 41.40% 28.60%

I had an awesome food and activity week.
I am so glad that the holidays are over and I am able to get back on track.
The above #'s are the breakdown for the week.
We splurged and ordered pizza tonight and I had 2 pieces, that's where the high #'s come from today. BUT It was my only splurge for the week so I don't feel to bad.

My activity:
(this is all at the gym)
Sunday: full body strength with machines and 20 min cardio (elliptical)
Mon: Pilates and 20 min cardio (elliptical)
Tue: full body strength with machines and 30 min cardio (treadmill and treadrunner)
Wed: cardio only 60 min (treadmill and elliptical)
Thurs: full body strength with machines and 30 min cardio (treadrunner)
Fri and Sat: rest :)

I plan on following this plan for as long as I can, it seems to work with my schedule and family life.

I know it's already into the new year, but I will try to get my *New Year's resolutions* up soon.

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becci said...

how frustrating!!!
I had all the #'s lined up perfectly, but when I published the post it messed them all up!